Easy puppy photos


Easy litter ~ playtime in the yard.


Litter ready August 2011


Easy litter


Developing young Rottweiler temperaments

We have often been asked the question,
                "Where is the best place to raise Rottweiler puppies?"

The answer is quite simple. Close to the family, in the home, with as much human interaction as possible.

We seek "child friendly" temperaments in our dogs and offspring. To achieve this goal we start with genetic lines that have through research shown a consistency in stability within the genotype, exhibiting low levels of possessiveness and high levels of forgiveness. Next comes early neurological stimulation and extensive socialization with other puppies, dogs, cats, and children.

While this can add a substantial amount of work to rearing a litter of Rottweiler puppies, we feel as though the investment of time and commitment is well worth it....and our clients tend to agree.

Our roll around puppy pen positioned near windows in the den.

We strongly encourage breeders to utilize rolling playpens. They are easily moved so the puppies tend to have more involvement. Feel free to call or write if you would like information on different manufactures or retail sales locations.